• The 'Love keeps the world spinning' plate is an artwork hand-painted with care by Sasha. Celebrating love and happy memories, this decorative plate is vibrant and playful created with a range of bold colours. Sasha's pattern was inspired by the Charleston House fireplace painted by the Bloomsbury group. Sasha aims to bring joy through this uplfting piece.


    Text reads: Love keeps the world spinning.


    This plate is unique and one of a kind, there no more variations. 


    Size: 23cm 

    Weight: 0.5kg


    Please note: Some items may have 'imperfections'. Sasha celebrates individuality and character. She has sourced irregular ceramic items to work with her 'perfectly imperfect' aesthetic, and embraces the hand made feel of her ceramics collection. 


    Sasha tries to be as sustainable as possible. Item comes packaged with care in newspaper / eco box filler to protect the ceramics.


    Shipping is calculated at checkout and may take up to two weeks for items to arrive. Please wash ceramic items by hand and handle with care and love. 

    Love Keeps the World Spinning

    • Sasha Compton is a non-refundable online store.

      Please do not hesitate to email Sasha at info@sashacompton.com with any enquiries, prior to ordering artwork. Sasha wants to make sure that you will love each piece as much as she does. All artworks are subject to copyright.