• The artworks “Feeling Blue and That’s Okay & “Deep Red Emotions” are created in collaboration with Suicide&Co; a charity that focuses on supporting those bereaved by suicide, because suicide always has company. 10% of all profits for these limited edition artworks will be going towards Suicide&Co, a charity that Sasha strongly believes in.


     “Feeling Blue and That’s Okay & “Deep Red Emotions” and all hand-signed and numbered by Sasha. There is a limited edition of 25 lino prints for each design. The artworks are printed on A4 size high quality 300gsm Indian Khadi paper, that has a rough edge. Artwork comes unframed, packaged in a protective compostable eco-friendly plastic sleeve.




    “With Christmas less than a week away, I have been thinking of those who might not be looking forward to the festivities due to going through a difficult time. I wanted to create two artworks that can help those seeking support, in some form.


    I have created these two lino prints in bold colours. Lino printing really emphasises the negative space in an artwork, something that I feel relates to the subject of suicide. After a loved one passes there is a space left behind where hopefully brightness and colour can rebuild again with time and the right support. I wanted to use bright, bold and emotional colours such as deep blue and vibrant red. The figure herself has a sense of ambiguity with her emotions, you can’t tell whether she is sad or happy, which could also relate to those dealing with trauma. Ones emotions cannot always be read by a facial expression – sometimes people who are dealing with bereavement might keep their emotions to themselves.


    Blue is often seen as a colour of sadness, for me it is bold and confident, as is red. I want for these colours to represent the positive future. I want for these artworks to bring beauty to people's grief, start a catalyst around the suicide conversation and to help support those bereaved by suicide.


    Suicide&Co already supports those bereaved by suicide and are not only starting the conversation around suicide bereavement but normalising the conversation. I stand with them, in this mission.”




    Suicide&Co are a charity that support those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Their aim is to start a conversation about suicide-related grief. They recognise that an end like this, should be the start of many new conversations.


    Read more about Suicide&Co and access resources that will help you open the conversation: https://www.suicideandco.org/


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    Collab: Suicide&Co