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About Sasha's Artwork

Sasha Compton is a British Artist and Designer based in London, who explores the natural world around her using authentic production methods. By creating modern reinterpretations of classical concepts, Sasha transports viewers into a timeless world of Art. With a colourful lens on life, her perfectly imperfect artworks and hand-painted ceramics are sure to add a splash of joy to any home.


Sasha's childhood was split between North Yorkshire (where she is originally from) and the Isle of Mull, Scotland. She studied at Central St. Martins (2012, Illustration) and then at Chelsea College of Art (BA Graphics in 2015). Sasha lived in Amsterdam for 4 years and recently moved back to London where she now creates in her art studio in Lambeth. 


Sasha's mixed-media artwork is colourful and focuses on positive imperfections, negative space and texture. Sasha looks to the past, the natural world, and uses her memories for inspiration. With expressive and experimental techniques, Sasha works with the colour theory to create joyful and emotional artworks with the aim of bringing happiness into people's homes.

"In today's world there is so much pressure to be perfect. My work is all about embracing the differences. I use unpredictable creative methods, such as lino printing or watercolour work. These materials seem to have a life of their own which I love. I embrace those imperfections that give an artwork it's own character, as if each piece has its own personality." 


Sasha sells original art, hand-painted ceramics, Giclée prints and bespoke designs.


Photos by Camille Liu Nock

Sasha's Background

Sasha grew up in a creative family and has always known she wanted to pursue a creative career. After a foundation year at Central St. Martins (UAL) specialising in Illustration, Sasha attended Chelsea College of Arts (UAL), completing a BA Hons Graphic Design & Communication degree (graduating in 2015). Sasha then did a year of varied internships in London to gain further experience in the creative industry: advertising (at BBH), branding (at Elephants Can't Jump), fashion (Mary Benson, Fashion East for London Fashion Week), textiles and interiors (Clarissa Hulse) and graphic design (Bolter Design). Sasha worked as the Graphic Designer in the hospitality industry for Coppa Club (1.5 years) before moving to Amsterdam to be a Senior Graphic Designer for a Dutch fashion brand (3 years). Sasha missed illustration so starting creating physically again. She soon decided to focus on creating more art in 2020, and has been living her dream since. Being inspired by her experience in the fashion industry, a lot of Sasha's artwork is colourful, feminine and expressive. Her love for nature comes from her childhood exposure of growing up in North Yorkshire and the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

"The main function of colour should be to serve expression."

- Henri Matisse

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Photography by Sophie Saddington

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'Eggs of an Era' a public art exhibition celebrating The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, situated around

Chelsea by The Elephant Family

Domenica Marland, 'Art for Dogs'

Domenica Marland 'Pop Up 30 Churton Street'

'Splash: Ode to Hockney' by Art Untamed (at Sophie Breitmeyer, opposite Hockney's old flat)


'The Empowerium' at Coal Drops Yard for The Girls Network

North Coast Asylum Gallery x The Auction Collective, 'Mesmerism' 

Bambini Collections,'Family'

Domenica Marland Pop-Up Gallery, J/M Gallery Portobello Rd

Art Modern Muse, 'Force of Nature' 



Domenica Marland Pop-Up Gallery, Wiltshire Barn

Bambini Collections,'Celebrating Childhood'

Nina Baby 'The Motherhood Prints'


 BA Chelsea (UAL) Graphics Graduate show 'Playground' 


Central St. Martins (UAL) Foundation Art Degree Show