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“Potty for Pots” is a collection of Sasha's feelings over the past six months. Like many, with limited resources of culture, she has had to search deeper within for creativity, and was surprised by finding so many mixed feelings in reaction to the world around her. She found herself with feelings of worry, frustration, insecurity, self-doubt, un-motivation, anger, longing, acceptance, appreciation, contentment, calmness, liberation, joy, motivation, self-purpose, confidence, inspiration, excitement, and above all literally feeling “potty”.

Sasha has always wanted to create a full ceramics collection from start to finish. She started hand-building in November and sadly had to find a backup option when the ceramics studio shut due to the lockdown restrictions in Amsterdam. She decided to simplify the challenge by sourcing local ceramics and focusing on hand-painting in her home studio. Sasha felt inspired when reading Grayson Perry’s 'Pre-therapy years' book before Christmas, and decided to continue with the collection anyway. Sasha found Grayson Perry's stance of questioning the position of ceramics and decorative “house” objects in the art-world fascinating, should a plate act as form or function? She has kept this in mind when designing and painting her first ceramics collection.


Sasha hopes that you enjoy her memories of swimming, dancing and stargazing, and her many mixed emotions that have been bottled up and poured vibrantly over these pots, plates, jugs and cups for all to see.


Caution: just like emotions, these items are also fragile and can crack if not handled with care.


The collection consists of over 30 hand-painted designs onto locally sourced ceramics. Each item is unique and one-of-a-kind. All items will be available on a 'first come first serve' basis. Please note: there may be imperfections on items which is part of a ‘handmade feel’ which Sasha celebrates. She has also chosen wobbly uneven plates on purpose to enhance a 'perfectly imperfect' aesthetic.