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Welcome to Sasha Compton's ever-growing ceramic collection which celebrates imperfections and craft with a playful lens on the world. These hand painted pieces continue to explore a variety of themes close to Sasha's heart; love, nature and a contemporary approach to classical subjects. Sasha is interested in Grayson Perry's functional debate of 'Should ceramics act as a form of collectable art, or an object of household function, or both?' 


Sasha offers hand painted original ceramics, and a 'Sculpted by Sasha' range; where each artwork has been hand built and painted by Sasha. Each ceramic item is unique. All items will be available on a 'first come first serve' basis.


Please note: there may be imperfections on items which is part of a ‘handmade feel’ which Sasha celebrates.

She has also chosen to paint onto wobbly uneven plates on purpose to enhance a 'perfectly imperfect' aesthetic.

~ sculpted by sasha ~

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